2009gion China (zhejiang) International Lighting Fair

2009gion China (zhejiang) International Lighting Fair

Start time:  2009-11-27 End time:  2009-11-29 Venue:  Zhejiang World China Trade International Exhibition Center

Contact:  Miss Xie 15821740837 Contact Phone:  021-51860015 Sponsored by:  Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou sail Software Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tian Hui

Sponsor:  LED Lighting Products Group, Enterprise aircraft, the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association, the European Semiconductor Industry Association

2009 Illumination Industry in the state of infrastructure and real estate strong economic policies to stimulate the development of high-speed buck the trend, there thriving market trends, while a massive increase in state support to energy saving lighting industry is the national standard in promoting energy efficiency the first stop, as Lighting Products Applied, standardization of products is easier and they became the vanguard of the NDRC Energy, the Chinese lighting China company more than 100,000, over 3000 enterprises in Zhejiang, lighting, lighting industry has a very sound foundation for breakthroughs in the lighting industry in 2008 reached Zhejiang 30 billion, both LED As the material of the optoelectronics industry growth in 2008, has been a breakthrough 70 billion of output value, the adjustment of national industrial policy for the LED optoelectronic industry ushered in the spring, Zhejiang has a strong basis for the lighting industry has more than 3,000 lighting companies, more than 500 LED industry-related companies, from chip to the plastic product applications, the initial complete industry chain, to undertake the optoelectronics industry from north to south the role of the core chain, Zhejiang has broad market prospects, only the lighting market in 2008 reached 30 billion, LED industry breakthrough 10 billion, walking in the forefront of the country. State 1 million LED lamps project Hangzhou, a city on the target was 100 000, can be seen as a leader in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, market potential, while this year and next year in Hangzhou and Ningbo, the city lighting 3 Riverbanks Liang Chemical industry Of the way up to 50 billion investment, the market potential. At the same time, GION2009 in to be the general lighting and LED China manufacturer‘s request, decided on December 4, 2009? 6 in Zhejiang? World China Trade International Exhibition Center was held this second exhibition, this exhibition will strengthen publicity and strengthening services to the new look for our exhibitors to exchange, negotiate, trade and Cooperation The best China trading platform.

Lighting industry since 2009, ushered in a significant change in the situation in China, 40 000 billion economic stimulus policies, the 1.8 trillion invested in the infrastructure, greatly promoted the lighting industry, market demand, a large number of buyers and exhibitors number, and the innovative achievements of the high volume of the exhibition in a prominent position within the industry, corporate aviation in Asia International Lighting Fair has become one of the largest trade show. 2009GION China Zhejiang International Lighting Fair and the LED Optoelectronic Exposition will have from 97 countries and regions, more than 1,000 exhibitors, exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, in the most modern exhibition hall Hangzhou Zhejiang World China Trade International Exhibition Center. In domestic and overseas exhibitors and professional audience and establish a “meet international market demand, the results demonstrate cutting-edge technology, leading the industry’s future development” brand image. Fully reflects the energy-saving lighting and LED lighting technology in commercial photovoltaic lighting, urban lighting, outdoor Advertisement And the huge market in all areas of development prospects.

We will strive to come to its Director Mr invited industry leaders such as homogeneous with the famous lighting enterprises of Zhejiang, GION, OSRAM, PHILIPS, GE, CREE, Foshan Lighting, Sunshine Group, hundred percent, while sharply higher, the Grand Canyon, Ikeda, pull Tartar, Chau Lei, Lam P, together to create and, vision light, Aibi Sen, Jin Lixiang, Blue King, country stars, through universal, Section U.S. core, condenser, can be large, Alto, Yin Zhi , Divine, Light, great morning, Silan and others, have introduced newly developed energy-saving LED lighting technology, new equipment, attracting a large number of overseas buyers, professional visitors choose to visit.

“We received a lot of strong orders and intentions of customers at home and abroad, their latest Environmental protection Energy-saving products and LED lighting products indoor plane are interested. “Old and new exhibitors showing the table in the consultation on the views of satisfaction.

9 GION China (Zhejiang) International Lighting Fair?? Lighting procurement China China trading platform

In order to further innovation and development, to open up international markets and comply with the new trend of domestic lighting market, “GION (Zhejiang) International Lighting Fair” will be held November 27, 2009 to 29 in Zhejiang World China Trade International Exhibition Center ” Zhejiang International Design and Decoration Innovation Expo “held over the same period, it will be the global lighting, LED and energy-efficient lighting technology and equipment in the industry’s global procurement China China trading platform, the exhibition area of 20,000 square meters.

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