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China Ground Source Heat Pump Industry Ushered In A Second Surge Of Development – Ground Source Heat

China Ground Source Heat Pump Industry Ushered In A Second Surge Of Development – Ground Source Heat
: Ground Source Heat Pump technology is currently the world’s most advanced heating and cooling technology. Over the past 10 years, every year more than 20%% pace. As of the end of 2005, 33 countries in the promotion of the technology. It is both energy saving, environmental protection, the three major advantages of low running costs, currently the world as an China important renewable energy technologies are widely used.

Our introduction of ground source heat pump technology

Our introduction of ground source heat pump technology is carried out in two ways. The first is a cooperation project between China and the U.S. government carried out the form. November 8, 1997, the former State Science and Technology Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy, the two countries signed in Beijing “on the production and application of geothermal energy co-operation agreement”, decided to start promoting our American soil – air (water) type to source heat pump technology. November 4, 1998, “China and the U.S.” energy efficiency and renewable energy technology development cooperation protocol using “first working session of the Working Group” held in the U.S., the Conference adopted the “Sino-US co-operation between the two governments to promote the United States Ground Source Heat Pump work plan “, the two countries to co-source heat pump project was officially launched. Today, under the impetus of the project have been completed throughout the country, hundreds of ground source heat pump demonstration projects. The second is based on some domestic refrigeration equipment manufacturers of imitation European Water – water-based form of ground source heat pump unit carried out. After 1997, domestic manufacturers began to imitate some European manufacturers of ground source heat pump units, and sales channels through its sales in North China. To sell this new unit, they provide users with some or all of the ground source heat pump system. As the ground source heat pump is not difficult to manufacture large manufacturers across the country quickly began to follow the example of manufacture, so far, manufacturing ground source heat pump has reached hundreds of manufacturers. In these manufacturers and system integrators, driven by the European Water – water-in-Ground Source Heat Pump Ground Source Heat Pump in China now account for more than 80% market share.

Our ground source heat pump from large-scale introduction of technology to promote the development of a 10 years time. With imitation European Water – water-based ground source heat pump manufacturers increased rapidly in 2001, ground source heat pump industry in China appears first surge of development, there have been nearly a hundred ground source heat pump manufacturer. However, the European system of open ground source heat pump system under conditions of groundwater resources management policies and government restrictions, in many places, met great resistance to promote, such as Shanghai on groundwater recharge is strictly prohibited. Meanwhile, due to the lack of promotion of ground source heat pump ground source heat pumps in the grasp of the technology, there are more cases of the failure of some Chinese companies out of the ground source heat pump market, the industry experienced its first reshuffle, leaving only the strong The company continues to develop the market.

2005, China emerged the energy shortage, energy prices soaring, the state started to increase the intensity of energy management, has published a number of energy-saving products and technologies to encourage the development of policies and measures, some local governments have also introduced direct support of ground source heat pump technology development policy. In this promotion, there are a large number of new businesses into the ground source heat pump market, forming a ground source heat pump industry in China’s second high tide, and continues today. The climax is characterized by entrants to the system integrator based in the promotion process more focused in application and manufacturing technology rather than equipment. Also, because the Olympic stadium ground source heat pump applications, a model, and real estate market, increasing demand for energy-saving technology, and ground source heat pump heat pump industry in the origin industry is facing an unprecedented industry development opportunities.

Incentives, the application of the Olympic venues powerful demonstration effect

The face of severe energy situation, the State Council resolutely take energy saving, emission reduction, energy, development of resource saving and environment-friendly economic growth, vigorously develop renewable energy path.

2007 8 months, the Ministry of Finance and the State Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “financial incentives to fund energy-saving technological transformation Interim Measures,” provides energy for every 1 ton of standard coal Chinese companies financial incentives to 200-250 yuan central. “Procedures” provides for ten major energy conservation projects to strengthen energy conservation assessment audit system, the state has developed from the tax, credit and subsidies to fund a series of energy saving incentive policies to encourage energy conservation technology, energy-saving products are promoted, source heat pump technology is one of them. States also have enacted “The People’s Republic of China Renewable Energy Law”, “Catalogue for the Guidance of renewable energy industry”, “long-term renewable energy development plan,” “Medium and Long Term Technology Development Program” and other laws and regulations, planning, encourage and support development and utilization of renewable energy, in order to fundamentally ease the country’s serious energy situation, to solve the problem of shortage of energy.

In addition, some local governments have introduced to the local application of ground source heat pump project incentives, such as the Beijing municipal government since 2006 on the use of ground source heat pump heating works 35-55 per sq m one-off subsidy Yuan, users can enjoy the preferential tariff TOU grain prices. Good policy environment for the development of ground source heat pump industry has played a good role in promoting.

Beijing Olympic venues and related facilities, strict implementation of energy saving design standards, renewable energy and new energy has taken strong measures. 358 Beijing Olympic Games a “Green Olympics” projects, including 69 new energy projects, of which four projects of the ground source heat pump, 3 water source heat pump project, there are two items of direct use of geothermal ground source of these heat pump application projects as energy saving, sustainable development, logo and templates. Olympic information through a powerful force and influence of radiation and the “Olympic” in the strict technical requirements, the Olympic stadium project for the ground source heat pump ground source heat pump industry has set a new paradigm. Also to all levels of our society’s awareness of the ground source heat pump and trust has leapt to a new level.

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