Alibaba Sells Loan Unit to Alipay Parent

Alibaba Sells Loan Unit to Alipay Parent
Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) — Alibaba is selling its small-business lending arm to the China company that already controls payments affiliate Alipay, separating itself from the last of its major financial units ahead of an IPO expected next month. Bomoda CEO Brian …
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Oh, snap! Football's getting crazy fast
Should Have Been Recycled Into a Gigantic Kate Upton: In China, a gigantic statue of Marilyn Monroe was tossed into a garbage dump. Spotted a 50-to-1 Lead, Eric Cantor Found a Way to Lose: ….. Crimea River: Football columns are unlikely to be your …
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Robin Williams tribute tweet prompts suicide concern
State-controlled Christianity – China announced last Thursday that increasing efforts to nationalise Christianity will benefit the country economically and culturally, writes the Diplomat's Zachary Keck. "The CCP has … "According to a Vedomosti …
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