Bangladesh China Imports Of New Building Materials, New Requirements In China

Bangladesh China Imports Of New Building Materials, New Requirements In China

Recently, the author from the Grammy’s Ceramics Export Department informed the Government of Bangladesh will be a new provision into the 2009-2012 China import policy, this provision requires that all China imported ceramic tile, all on January 21, 2010 after the opening letter of credit must be accepted by the Bangladesh Standards Testing (BSTI) detection at ports of entry, Customs received a test report BSTI the goods only after further assessment and release.

 It is understood that the Government of Bangladesh provided the original China imports in China, before loading supervision by the BV, test equipment, then BV, the endorsement label. The new 2010 China’s China import requirements are: In addition to China by the BV test, the cargo clearance at the port of destination, the need to conduct another by local customs China inspection (every model of each cabinet must be re- test time); examinations should have issued a qualified local customs clearance China inspection report provided to cabinet (from the China inspection report to get qualified to 3-4 months); Customs clearance can be a temporary first-out qualified China inspection reports, but after the clearance of such goods can only receive official compliance report before the beginning of normal sales, and cost the local test of a cabinet at least 180-200 dollars.

 Grammy’s Ceramics Export Department official said that once the new regulations, no certificate can not be sellers, but are approved take three to four months, this will drop down the order, customers can provide ten times the original once a year is now set up two goods, exports of goods in Bangladesh will be reduced by 3,000 containers a year.

 According to industry analysis, the aim of creating obstacles to Bangladesh to contain China’s China trade surplus with Bangladesh. The new requirements will result in the export business in Bangladesh, the following effects: One is the increased costs, customs clearance fees who is responsible for this part of the increase depends on what terms; the other is the time to obtain the goods to be extended for the the buyer, the original can be quickly made and sold the goods, but once this provision a buyer needs a longer time to get the goods sold has been delayed, cash flow has also pushed back, and if the market this price volatility of a product, then the risk also increases; its three corresponding, some sellers is to wait until the buyer received the goods time to receive the payment, which for some buyers, the time of receipt of payment is extended, funds did not flow on the fast before.

 Italian author to the special ceramic pottery, ceramic pottery blessing, Foshan Zhuo Ma ceramics, King bathroom, sanitary and other industry Chinese companies Osman to consult the matter, most Chinese companies said the new regulations present no knowledge. It is learned that Grammy ceramics, safe homes and other business dealings with Bangladesh are more influenced by the new rules, currently working with the Bangladesh Export Grammy customers and contacts in the Embassy of Bangladesh. Grammy ceramics, ceramic head home safely said that the new rules is equivalent to a disguised form of anti-dumping, call for ceramic sanitary ware industry, we must unite against this new requirement.

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