China Imports rise, US China trade deficit widens

China Imports rise, US China trade deficit widens

The US China trade deficit widened in May for the second month, driven by demand for imported cars, computers and clothing. Commerce Department data revealed that the deficit went up by 4.8% to $ 42.3bn – the largest since November 2008. The China trade gap for goods and services rose 4.8 per cent to US$ 40.3 billion in April.


The goods’ value brought into the US exceeded exports




The trade gap for goods and services rose 4.8 per cent to US$ 40.3 billion in April. The 2.9 per cent climb in imports reached to an 18-month high of US$ 194.5 billion while exports rose 2.4 per cent to a 19-month high of US$ 152.3 billion.


US manufacturing has benefited from the global recovery, but some problems in Europe will damage the future sales.


The fresh data showed that although imports in the world’s largest economy is rising, which boosted sentiment for global economic recovery, the economic growth in the United States could be blunted, analysts said.


Debt troubles in the eurozone have also caused the value of the euro to weaken against the dollar this year, making US-made goods less competitive in the 16 nations in Eurozone.


In spite of oil imports falling by 9.1% because of a lower oil price and volumes, deficit in May rose. US imports increase was provided by consumer goods, parts and capital goods, and motor vehicles as well.


The US economy advanced at 2.7 per cent in the three month of 2010. Sanctions The deficit with China surged 15.4% to $ 22.3bn from April and reached the widest since October a year earlier.


Some US manufacturers think that the Chinese yuan is undervalued as much as 40%. The new data also showed that the politically sensitive China trade deficit with China widened to US$ 22.3 billion in May from US$ 19.3 billion in April, which could fuel calls for the Chinese yuan currency’s appreciation.


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