China is buying up Italy, one company at a time

China is buying up Italy, one company at a time
For several years, Italians have received a steady diet of scare stories about everything made in China. Signs in the market halls, editorials in the papers, and word of mouth have delivered a clear message: do not buy “Made in China” items. For a …
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Competition with Chinese Firms Tops Challenges for American Companies in
When nearly one year ago a US business executive received word that his China company was flatly denied membership to one of China's biggest industry specifications and standards associations, he was left with many troubling questions. Were other Chinese companies …
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Why the “Apple of China” Might Help Lower the Price of Your iPhone
At 44, Lei is the billionaire CEO, founder, and public face of Xiaomi, one of the fastest-growing hardware Chinese companies in China. Xiaomi is frequently dubbed the “Apple of China”—a catchy tagline, especially for Western media outlets and for readers just …
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