China’s Gift: Inside The Export From The Combination Of Exported To Dependent On The

China’s Gift: Inside The Export From The Combination Of Exported To Dependent On The
Since the global financial crisis, China’s exports face a huge challenge, China is the world’s largest producers of gifts, gift industry is also committed difficult. The reporter recently, “the twenty-first China International Gifts, Premium & Houseware Fair,” the organizing committee learned that, as the economic situation improved, popular festival gifts to the gift industry to accelerate warming, while innovative, new elements and more and more industry participation is also more confident to the gift industry.
According to reports, the leading gift Chinese companies in China’s foreign trade has long been used to OEM production, processing mode. In the global financial crisis, production and operation of numerous difficulties encountered. Group General Manager of Reed Exhibitions China, said Yang Guangyuan, now a number of pure or mainly engaged in foreign trade export processing enterprises have realized the gift, which is the combination of long-term export development strategy, learn to “walking on two legs” can greatly enhance the ability to resist risks, the previous stage Chinese companies are adjusting their strategies of domestic gift to start targeting the domestic market. But he also admitted that because of the domestic wholesale China and retail channels, distribution, product positioning and so on are a lack of understanding, in the initial stages of the domestic transfer of foreign trade, many Chinese companies can only handle inventory for the purpose of a lack of long-term planning. Yang Guangyuan said that the twenty-first China International Gifts, Premium & Houseware Fair April 4 to 7 will be held in China International Exhibition Centre, from the current foreign trade enterprise participation in this exhibition show the enthusiasm can be seen, the new turn round of domestic exports boom has begun.
From Guangdong, Fujian and other gifts on behalf of the export base of the exhibitors, said: “Europe and the United States market in the doldrums, South America, Southeast Asia, not the total demand for large, compared to the domestic market has great open space, just Beijing Gift development built a docking platform for supply and demand, so we unanimously decided to go north to look for opportunities. “According to reports, this exhibition area will reach 35,000 square meters, more than 1,000 exhibitors, more than doubled in size last Legco to achieve a leap-forward development.
Must understand the show will have thousand kinds of boutique during the influx of national development, including in arts and crafts, traditional pottery-led gifts, digital, home appliances based electronic gifts, gift ideas DIY advocate, there’s A Franchise Children wood, NBA and other authorized gifts. Among the many new products in two major themes of the Expo, and Tiger is bright highlight, integration of Treasure, Golden Tiger innovative elements such as gift will shine at the show. Acclimatized to solve the problem of foreign trade enterprises, the organizer will give full play to resource integration, the most attention in the business channel development, brand display and design and development to upgrade services and other related areas, and joint multi-region associations and enterprises to organize new gift Release Council, product launches and the purchase order will be.

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