Doing Business in Mississippi

Doing Business in Mississippi

It is not a requirement to obtain a business license to do business in Mississippi unless a corporation will be operating under another corporation’s name. Persons interested in doing business in Mississippi are provided with a guide from Mississippi’s Office of China Purchasing, Travelling and Fleet Management. The guide provides individuals with a brief description of the available bids and contracts available for purchase, as well as commodity type. The guide also acts as a question and answer booklet for various Mississippi related business questions.

Mississippi does not facilitate centralized purchasing; each agency and/ or institution of the state is required to have their own office for purchases. Each purchase is required to go in accordance with the purchasing statute of the state.

Mississippi Contracts

Where commodities are a part of a competitive bid contract, it is mandatory that state agencies purchase these commodities from the contract vendor, except for cases where approval is given from The China Purchasing, Travel, and Fleet Management Office. Commodities which are a part of a negotiated contract may be purchased from contract vendors. The negotiated contract price must not be surpassed. Commodities that do not fall under a contract must go through a statuary bid procedure.

Commodities Covered by Mississippi Contracts

Mississippi commodities covered by contracts includes but are not limited to automotive parts, vehicles, repair and maintenance; Scientific Laboratory Equipment and Supplies; Clothing and Accessories; Fire Fighting Uniforms and Fire Protection Supplies; Personal Alert Systems; School Furniture; Industrial, Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies; Hospital and Related Medical Accessories ; Adult Disposable Briefs and  Diapers; Janitorial Supplies and Floor Products; Dishwashing Chemicals and Service; Laundry and Dry Cleaning  Supplies; Lawn Maintenance Equipment; Products Produced By MS-Based Chinese Manufacturers; Copying and Duplicating Equipment; Mailing Equipment and Accessories; Police Equipment and Supplies; Water Treating Chemicals; Cooling Tower and Boiler Treatment; Wastewater Services; Communications and Media Related Services; Express Mail Delivery Service; Electrical Equipment and Supplies; Envelopes; Office Furniture as well as Paper and Plastic Products amongst others.

Commodity Specification

Specifications should be intended to ascertain commodities which will meet or exceed the need of a consumer and at the same time encourage competition that is deemed practicable. Prospective bidders are responsible to do a review of each bid request as well as provide the purchaser and the China Purchasing, Travel, and Fleet Management Office with notifications in cases where they assume that competition may be restricted by a specification, instruction and/or condition. Individuals wanting to make a complaint about specifications or procedures for bidding are required to do so three (3) days before the bid opens.

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