Hong Kong International Art Fair ? A Showcase of Unique Talents

Hong Kong International Art Fair ? A Showcase of Unique Talents

For a collection of absolutely amazing and intriguing work of Art, visit the Hong Kong International Art Fair. This Art fair is one of the most preeminent art events in the whole of Asia and attracts hundreds of visitors each year. The Art Fair was inaugurated in the year 2007 with an aim to popularize Hong Kong in the world of the fine Arts. With this fair Hong Kong has attracted a number of talented artists and sculptors whose works display immense creativity and skill that makes it something to be enjoyed time after time.

This year the Hong Kong International Art Fair will host its fifth annual exhibition scheduled to take place from the 17th to the 20th of May 2012. The fair will be held at the famous Convention and Exhibition Centre in order to make it easy to find for the enthusiastic visitor. This year the fair is hoping to showcase the finest talents in contemporary art and is getting contributions from a total of 266 galleries from 38 different countries. Collectors are attracted to this fair by an opportunity to discover a geographical diversity in quality of art not presented in any other such art exhibition.

This fair is not simply a day to admire amazing talent but it is also known to be a marked platform for the purposes of networking among the international art community. The art fair brings together a number of leading galleries, collectors, artists and curators from all over Asia and other parts of the globe making it an ideal place to build links and exchange ideas in the world of Art. This is not all; The art fair also comes with an exciting array of interesting programs that brings out the best of Hong Kong socially and culturally as well.

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