How To Get Rid Of China China Imports Of Packaging Machinery Industry To Rely On

How To Get Rid Of China China Imports Of Packaging Machinery Industry To Rely On

As China Package Rapid industrial development, domestic Packaging Machinery Paper industry at a low level of phase, only corrugated packaging machinery, and some small packing machines are in China occupy a certain scale and advantages, a number of high once the packaging equipment is still relying on foreign China imports to meet domestic demand. This over-rely on the phenomenon, China’s packaging industry has been seriously hampered the sustained, stable development, but also to some non-competitiveness of domestic packaging machinery company in endangered situation. Therefore, the experts pointed out that the low level of development of packaging machinery will affect the entire packaging industry is growing rapidly, it must work to change their backward state. 2009-song66

Packaging machinery in China started late, after 20 years of development, China’s packaging machinery has become Machinery Industry One in ten industries, the rapid development of China’s packaging industry to provide effective protection, and some packaging machinery to fill the gap, has been able to basically meet the domestic market, some products are exported. But at present, China’s packaging machinery exports less than 5% of GDP, China imports and gross output value is probably very, very different from developed countries.

Our packaging machinery manufacturing problems are: a lack of overall planning and macro; Second, the lack of capital investment, business investment for research and development account Sell The average amount of less than 1%; 3 is the lack of professional and technical personnel.

Compared with developed countries, China’s packaging machinery industry products and technology gap mainly in the following areas:

From the product structure, China’s packaging machinery is only more than 1300 kinds of species, supporting a small number, the lack of products with high precision and large scale production can not meet the market demand: product quality, product performance gap between the performance of the low stability and poor reliability, unsightly appearance, Surface Treatment Rough, many components of poor quality, short life, low reliability, affecting the overall quality of the product; from Enterprise Status of view, the lack of domestic packaging machinery industry leading enterprises, production scale, small companies with high grade of products; from product development , China is still basically remain in the testing stage of imitation, self-developed weak, the lack of scientific research and production in the test base, research funding accounts for only 1% of sales, while foreign high as 8% to 10%.

The technological level of China’s packaging machinery from the overall look at the level of advanced countries in the overall look at branch surgery 20 years behind in product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects of a competitive disadvantage.

According to relevant experts predict that 2005 will be China’s packaging machinery production to 67 million units (sets), 2010 to 93 million units (sets). However, only by increasing capital investment, expand production scale operations have been extensive development of the situation can not meet the needs of our packaging production has entered the adjustment of product structure and improve the development capability of the new era. Upgrading technology, production ^ and updating, and management is an China important industry issue. It is proposed?

In the product structure, should be market-oriented, change the current low-tech-based, low-competition situation, out of a group of high consumption and low efficiency, low-level low value-added, labor-intensive products, to development and production of high efficiency low consumption, production and marketing of large complete sets of equipment and the LO of high-tech products. Packaging functions, industrial and agricultural products to be geared more refined and diversified, packaging machinery to move products with a single high-speed multi-polarization direction; need for candy packaging pillow, and shaped, the joint body, Such products are required to complete a packaging machine products packaging.

In technical performance, to other areas of advanced technology in packaging machinery, such as mechanical and electrical? Integration technology, heat pipe technology, long-distance remote control technology, automatic flexible compensation, so that substantial increase in technical performance.

In production, the specialized production has become a trend. International Packaging Machinery Chinese Manufacturers attach great China importance to packaging machinery and packaging systems throughout the general ability of some common standard parts are no longer produced by the packaging machinery, some special parts from the production of highly specialized manufacturers, and real packaging machinery assembly plant in a sense.

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