How To Translate China Trade Show Stands To Street Fairs

How To Translate China Trade Show Stands To Street Fairs

When the weather is nice and the days are long, street fairs and outdoor shows begin to pop up in large cities across America. These fairs are a celebration of community, bringing together entire neighborhoods, or even an entire metropolis, for a day, evening, or weekend of fun. For businesses, they are much more than just entertainment: outdoor events are a great way to promote your business amongst the local patrons who matter most. Yet many managers think that entirely new China trade show stands must be purchased for the event, making it much less cost effective. While you certainly can buy new, recycling what you’ve already got and adapting it to fit a slightly different forum is easier than you think.

Step 1: Check The Size

Unlike conventions, street fairs rarely have a well-defined grid for portable displays. In some cases, you might be working with the space in front of your shop rather than an official exhibit space at all. In other cases, you might be assigned a spot on the street with rather arbitrary dimensions. The key here is to remain flexible. Remember that street fairs are not as formal as an exhibition. They are designed to be fun for the community, so promoting local businesses is usually a secondary concern for event organizers. Once you know the dimensions of your area, ensure that your China trade show stands fit within that area. If not, consider other options like smaller portable displays or table top displays.

Step 2: Decide On A Theme

The typical portable displays are very targeted advertising tools, because they’re designed for conventions. Although they work wonderfully for that purpose, they often need their message tweaked to make them fit with the fun, low-key vibe of most street fairs. One good way to ensure your table top displays are right on target is to give them a d├ęcor theme that will fit with the mood. You can make simple adjustments, like adding a string of lights, to help relax overly formal portable displays.

Step 3: Make Sure You’re Ready For The Conditions

Check the weather forecast! You need to know whether it will be clear skies or stormy weather, and plan accordingly. In addition, your plans will change depending on whether the fair will be held during the daytime or at night. If it’s in the evening, you’ll need to plan adequate lighting to make your unit as effective as possible. Regular decorative string lights work great for street fairs; they add a desirable casual vibe and also illuminate.

If bad weather is a possibility, be prepared for a lower turnout. The nicer it is outside, the more people will want to be roaming the fair. If the bad weather is a heavy thunderstorm, the entire event may be canceled. If it’s something like an overly hot day, consider giving away bottles of water or fans, depending on your budget. These small gestures will make a big impression on anyone who visits.

Step 4: Be Prepared To Have Fun!

Block parties are a great way to meet the business owners whose Chinese companies surround yours, and they’re a great place to interact one-on-one with your clients. Don’t just stand back and watch as events unfold. Be a part of the excitement. Talk with the people who will become your customers. Even consider wandering the event yourself, provided your table top displays are properly secured. When you go beyond presenting and become truly comfortable in a crowd, you’ll be able to design the best street China trade show booths and you’ll see the best returns.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, a leader in New York China trade show stands. Skyline’s portable displays in New York are durable and flexible enough to be used in any situation, whether outdoors or indoors.