Job Fairs – Yea Or Nay

Job Fairs – Yea Or Nay

A job fair is not really a fair at all… it’s more of a cattle call. You generally walk around taking in the sights, scoping out the employers and sizing up your competition. Of course, you are putting your best foot forward in the hopes that one of the employers will choose you over the other 400 people that showed up. You don your best clothes, make sure that your hair is perfect, that your fingernails are clean and groomed and you carry around copious copies of your resume.

A more accurate way to view the fairs is from the eyes of the employers. They are paying good money to offer their China company as an employer and they are spending valuable time at the venue in order to get the best possible candidate and have but a few minutes to see who is a good match and who should move on to the next booth.

If you are attending a job fair as a person looking for employment, consider the type of fair you are attending. Is it one that is looking for commissioned sales people? If that is the case and you are interested in that, put on your best “Coffee is for closers” face and promote yourself in a confident fashion. Good sales people are confident and exude that confidence at all times.

Is it a fair that is looking for people in the service industry? The best fit for people that are in the service fields are those that have the heart of a servant. Go into the fair carrying yourself confident but let those that are interviewing that you are as much interested in seeing the needs of client met as you are in a good salary.

Those two examples point out that in order to get the kind of job you want, you need to offer to the human resource departments the type of persona that will give them confidence in knowing that you are the best fit for the position.

When you are there, remember that the recruiters are not the only people to get to know. Network with others that are looking as well so you get a feel as to what they are thinking as well as some ideas on where else they are looking. They may be a great source of leads for you in your job hunting process.

If a job fair is intimidating, consider the alternative which is job seeking online as you can almost always find information leading to a good job on the internet.

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