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China Tightens Hold Over Prices for Gasoline, Diesel
BEIJING—China's government, worried that energy has gotten too cheap, said it will tighten its hold over domestic prices for gasoline and other products in response to a slide in global crude-oil prices. Under a mechanism unveiled Wednesday by China's …
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Toxic jewelry: Cadmium found in Ardene, Aldo products
A CBC Marketplace investigation reveals some Ardene and Aldo Accessories jewelry manufactured in China contains thousands of times more cadmium than Health Canada says is safe for children. Health Canada considers cadmium to pose a threat similar to …

Amazon is cutting out middlemen to stop bleeding billions in shipping costs
Amazon China is now registered to deliver its own products to seaports for ocean shipping, part of a bid to cork the costly task of moving packages around the world. Documents show Amazon submitted its paperwork in November 2015, as first reported by …
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