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China's Ships Agency Evolution
Moving from a state-run monopoly to a free market in the 90s, customers now shopping around for ships agency services in China will be faced with a bewildering choice of providers, levels of service and indeed costings. However, thanks to a focussed …
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The US, China and an Abundance of Cyber-Caution
If cyber-restraint comes at least in part from queasiness about principal-agent problems, then the structure of cyber weaponization may matter for how states behave. At the same time that China has embarked on an apparent re-evaluation of its …
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Vietnam Deports Chinese Workers Amid Rising Nationalist Sentiment
The Chinese reportedly gave money to local residents to buy real estate in the city because foreigners are not allowed to purchase land in Vietnam. Thu Diem, a real estate China agent in the city, said the practice was widespread. “As it is an underground …
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