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RLPC-Taiwan's MOF asks banks for details of Chinese loans
Nomura co-ordinated Ultrasonic's loan, which was signed in early August and Cathay United Bank was the agent. The loan had heavy Taiwanese participation – Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Singapore, Taiwan Business Bank Hong Kong and Taiwan …
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Fallout from protests puts commercial property negotiations on hold
The financial fallout from student-led pro-democracy protests had led to negotiations on the acquisition of several commercial properties being put on hold because it has put a damper on buying interest, property agents say. Daniel Wong Hon-shing …
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The Kitchen Network
In a strip mall on a rural stretch of Maryland's Indian Head Highway, a gaudy red fa├žade shaped like a pagoda distinguishes a Chinese restaurant from a line of bland storefronts: a nail salon, a liquor store, and a laundromat. On a mild Friday morning …
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