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Tom Still: Why 'outsourcing' is a permanent (and necessary) part of the modern
If you're a small business owner in Wisconsin and you're not quite ready to hire that next full-time employee, you might “outsource” some work to a consultant. That consultant may or may not become your employee in time, but the initial consulting …

Outsourcing is necessary in today's economy
If you're a large company executive hoping to crack into an emerging market in China, India or Brazil, an option you must consider is opening a production facility close to the source. That need not threaten production at home — you don't want to …
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China Meat Scare Adds Foreign China Suppliers to Food Worries
This preference for an overseas label benefited foreign food chains in the past, as Chinese customers perceived overseas chains as having cleaner food, said James Button, a director at Shanghai-based industry consultant Smithstreet. “Consumers before …
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