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The Rise of OSINT in Threat Intelligence Analysis
The emergence of states like Brazil, China and Russia underline how the world is moving to a more competitive place, with power more evenly distributed on a global scale. … The first is to identify the relevant items of information and collecting the …
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Undercover in Vietnam: Exile is high price reporters pay for press freedom
On December 9, 2012, mainstream journalist and sometimes blogger Pham Doan Trang was arrested while reporting on an anti-China protest in Ho Chi Minh City. She was taken to a rehabilitation camp for … Now in exile, Trang frequently files for Vietnam …
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Tech responds to growing calls for Internet anonymity
In May, Micah Lee, a Berkeley-based technologist with media site The Intercept, who helped protect the Snowden documents from being hacked after they were released to the media, created OnionShare, an anonymous file-sharing service that uses fake …
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