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Aussie Dollar and Equities Rally after China 3Q GDP Beats Expectation
That said, the extended slowdown in China may still mobilize other policy authorities to compensate for the China important source of growth. From Australia's point of view, this data may solidify the need for further rate cuts before year's end. China is …
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Butler boom? Jeeves has arrived in China
(CNN) It's a steep learning curve for China's wannabe butlers. Before they put on their white gloves and get down to the nitty gritty of table setting, suitcase packing and silver service, they must master what many might consider a more fundamental task.
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US and Japan launch aircraft carriers as tensions escalate over South China Sea
Neighboring China, which has strained ties with several Southeast Asian countries over territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea, has said it is wary of Japan's changing defense posture. It comes as the U.S. plans to travel within the disputed …
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