Nighttime Heats Up for Mobile Shopping in China

Nighttime Heats Up for Mobile Shopping in China
Most mobile China buying in China isn't taking place on the go, according to the survey. The same respondents who preferred shopping at night said they mostly shopped from home or a dormitory—85.2% of teen and adult mobile buyers in China said that was …
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China is hoarding cheap oil in a fleet of supertankers
Brown said that while the numbers are a little murky, China has already built out about 150 million barrels of extra storage, with more capacity planned through the end of the year. "They take a lot of pride in China buying oil when it's cheap," he said …
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China's Unigroup says wins bid to buy 51 percent stake in HP unit
N) has agreed to sell a controlling 51 percent stake in its China-based data-networking business, estimated to be worth more than $ 2 billion (1 billion pounds), to Tsinghua Unigroup, a spokesperson for the Chinese private equity fund's parent China company
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