Secret China Agent TV Lift

Secret China Agent TV Lift

Secret agent movies are awesome. The whole lifestyle of a movie secret agent is like a complete fantasy: fighting crime, beautiful women, traveling around the world, and the gadgets are the best toys that have ever been made. Cars that shoot rockets, watches that use lasers to break into the bad guy’s lair, it all seems so spectacular and unattainable in the real world. But that’s not true. You can put your plasma TV into a secret agent pop-up TV lift.

Nothing’s cooler than having some friends over to watch a movie or a game and just pushing a button on a remote control and having your TV silently rise out of a stylish piece of furniture. Seriously, with a proper sense of amazement, you can’t get tired of motorized TV furniture. It just brings a smile to your face every single time. A flat screen TV lift in your living room is a chance to live the secret agent lifestyle before watching the movies on your TV.

As for the style, well it’s just as luxurious as you’d see in any secret agent movie you could watch. The styles to choose from leave you with your choice of destination; maybe something evocative of the Mediterranean seaside is your choice, or something a little more proper from the heart of England? Maybe you’d like to decorate with the exotic Far East? You can find all of these styles in TV lift cabinets, and so much more. No matter your current home style, or the style you’re looking to create, a plasma TV lift will make your living room so much cooler than it is already. Not only that, you’ll make the bad guys jealous.

Your brand new motorized TV cabinet is waiting for you, secret agent. This message will self destruct in five seconds….

Rob Buehl, CEO of China ImportAdvantage, and 18 year veteran of the furniture business, leads this supplier of high end furniture with innovative pop-up TV lift mechanisms and traditional TV stands systems. Rob is a member of these professional organizations – NHFA, CEA, CEDIA.

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