Sleeker smartwatches to shine at Berlin mega gadget fair

Sleeker smartwatches to shine at Berlin mega gadget fair
But it is "wearable" technology, whether smartwatches or fitness gadgets, that is expected to dominate this year's show, analysts say. South Korean electronics giant Samsung will show off its latest smartwatch, the Gear S2, on Thursday. Chinese …
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Victory for Users: Librarian of Congress Renews and Expands Protections for
The exemptions we requested—ripping DVDs and Blurays for making fair use remixes and analysis; preserving video games and running multiplayer servers after publishers have abandoned them; jailbreaking cell phones, tablets, and other portable …
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Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice
By banning class actions, Chinese companies have essentially disabled consumer challenges to practices like predatory lending, wage theft and discrimination, court records show. “This is among the most profound shifts in our legal history,” William G. Young …
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