South Africa: The view from Zimbabwe

South Africa: The view from Zimbabwe
Just take South Africa, which in my view is still locked in the egg that was laid in 1994; they have spent a lot of time and energy in recent years trying to play a role in Brics – the alliance that brings together Brazil, China, India and Russia …
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Manufacturing, untapped goldmine that should be explored –Umeotia
Erisco Foods Limited is a company that aspires towards making Nigerians eat right food, processed for Nigeria by Nigerians rather than the ones China imported from China and Europe. We are poised to compete and push out … We China import products that ordinarily …
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Exporters lower sights for sales at Canton Fair as woes persist
Ye's company is among thousands of Chinese exporters that hope to meet more overseas buyers at the China China Import and Export Fair. The fair … Tianhua Electric, based in Zhejiang province, manufactures and sells electric goods to Europe and South Africa.
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