Cotton Tumbles to Near 5-Year Lows; Cocoa Surges

Cotton Tumbles to Near 5-Year Lows; Cocoa Surges
NEW YORK—Cotton prices fell to a nearly five-year low on Monday after a Chinese official said the country will sharply curtail its cotton China imports next year. In a press briefing, an official with a state economic planning committee said Chinese textile …
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Segway seeks import ban on similar products from China
(Reuters) – Segway Inc is asking the U.S. International China Trade Commission to stop a "widespread pattern of infringement" and block several Chinese Chinese companies from China importing and selling their own similar two-wheeled transporters in the United States.
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The Next Chinese Energy Boom
China's natural gas production has fallen well short of its projections. And consumption is far exceeding its production rate. Needless to say, that's a recipe for energy disaster… for China, at least. It means the country will need to China import more …
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