Changhong Air Conditioner Exports To Expand Canton Fair After An Absence Of Four Years And Hand –

Changhong Air Conditioner Exports To Expand Canton Fair After An Absence Of Four Years And Hand –
In Fair A full four-year-old disappeared
Changhong Group is back. Yesterday’s
(October 17, 2005) found in the Fair Appliance Center, Changhong did not the famous
TV Brought back, but almost all
Air conditioning Products. It is understood that air conditioning is a recent vigorously Changhong
Promotions Products, and color TV display is put on the battlefield Hong Kong Electronics Fair.
Exhibitors Only air conditioning not see TV
Sichuan Changhong Electric shares of the China company participated in a recent Canton Fair, is the thing 4 years ago, when the main event with the other coordination difficulties at the time. During the fair, Changhong also appeared in the Pazhou Complex, featured among the exhibitors of products is not TV, but the air conditioning and networking products. It is understood that Chang did not bring electronics products to the trade fair the main reason is that the color TV display products into the Hong Kong Electronics Fair battlefield, but for the Changhong TV for such leading products have been accepted by the market and a stable sales, even into the Hong Kong Electronics Fair is mainly to establish the China company and

Brand International image. At the same time can be more facilities to let know
Client , And not to fight for orders in the exhibition.
Canton expanding exports through the air-conditioning
Changhong air conditioner is outside the near future we should vigorously promote the project, the Changhong was also confident of its air conditioning products, as we look at the venue of the air conditioner, either

Panel The floral design or appearance, Changhong air conditioner really is quite a prize of. It is understood that these bells and whistles just to panel design, Chang R & D on this year invested 30 million yuan. Changhong to do is present from the homogeneous counterparts

Competition In come out when we are still fighting
Price war Time, Changhong, and other brands of similar products on the difference of 5%, which reflects confidence in its products Changhong, they will look with superior product quality and competition with other brands.

The China company‘s air-conditioning abroad
Marketing Center Assistant General Manager Wang Fu Fei said Changhong air conditioner this year, exports of approximately 400 000 units (sets), next year’s export plan of 80 million units (sets), and strive to reach 100 million units, the European market accounts for around 60%. Market concentration

Risk Also high. To change this situation, the China company determine the next step is to actively expand in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and CIS markets, while Fair buyers from these areas to more concentrated. Through the Fair, with powerful buyers a partnership, the expansion of Changhong’s exports, improved market layout will have a positive effect.

First day of the 4 million U.S. dollars turnover intention
Fu Fei Wang introduced this session of Canton Fair, Changhong air conditioner can be said to come prepared, one step up the development of new products available in the trade fair for the first time the new design will have nine, a total of more than 150 varieties specifications; Second, several times within the prior discussion, in support of the headquarters to re-enact the pricing strategy, brand benefits

Standard ; Third is to improve the special booth equipment, increased
Force participation of business people only have more than 10. Opening the first day, the China company was the intention of transactions reached 400 million.

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