How Many Ways Can Airbnb Fail (Or Succeed) In China?

How Many Ways Can Airbnb Fail (Or Succeed) In China?
If Airbnb is smart, they may solve this by either creating a system online that automatically registers the guests on behalf of the host with local police; or Airbnb can create devices similar to what hotels use for hosts to register and notify local …

Chemical treatment transforms skin cells into neurons
The key, explains Gang Pei, a biochemist at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences in China, and a co-author on one of the studies, are so-called small molecule chemicals that can slip into a cell, enter the DNA-containing nucleus, and alter …
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This Silicon Valley startup is headed to China to make its batteries
Say the battery's negative electrode is a bag that holds the lithium, or the energy source, when the battery charges. Silicon provides a much bigger bag than graphite does, and it can hold much more lithium … The company first started selling this …
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