Exclusive – Microsoft CEO Nadella to visit China amid antitrust probe: source

Exclusive – Microsoft CEO Nadella to visit China amid antitrust probe: source
It is not clear if Nadella, who took over as Microsoft CEO in February, will meet with any Chinese government representatives as part of his visit, or try to resolve issues with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), one of China's …
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Pandas Helped by Human Fertility Techniques
Pandas are notoriously difficult to reproduce in captivity; therefore, this success excited people worldwide, particularly those working in other zoos that have them on expensive loans from China. One such example are the experts at the Edinburgh Zoo …
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Market edges higher amid initial volatility

Market edges higher amid initial volatility
Reliance's investments in Shale Gas and its existing crackers portfolio in India are a natural fit for sourcing Ethane from North America and shipping it to India to attain long term feedstock competitiveness. The Shale Gas industry, in North … Asian …
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Across Asia's borders, labour activists team up to press wage claims
Thousands of workers in China, Indonesia and Cambodia have protested in recent months at local firms supplying U.S. sportswear China company Nike Inc to press for better pay and conditions. Up to 4,000 workers at Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing …
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Cambodia's future outsourc Chinaing prospects uncertain
Hitoshi cites market competition from cheaper sewing machine makers in China, as well as threats to Cambodia from other low-cost locations such as Myanmar and Indonesia's Central Java province. He also believes that as Cambodia continues to develop and …
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