Canton Fair Buyers: Zhongshan small appliances “beneficial” is not small – Fair, procurement, small appliances – HC Network Applianc

Canton Fair Buyers: Zhongshan small appliances “beneficial” is not small – Fair, procurement, small appliances – HC Network Applianc

98th China’s exports Fair held in Guangzhou in the middle of this month. To keep abreast of overseas buyers purchasing home appliances in Guangdong intention

Meeting Period, Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Chamber of Commerce

Guangzhou Appliance Expo Organizing Committee, the Joint invited some of the participants

Fair Discussion of overseas buyers. It is reported that many buyers believe that they are more optimistic, including Zhongshan, Guangdong, produced household electrical appliances, electronic products, “Zhongshan manufacturing” in the

Overseas markets Should be able to accomplish much.

According to reports, the Canton Fair added 676 over the previous Fair booth,

Brand Stand up 4036, an increase of 20%, which attracted more overseas buyers. But even an increase of hundreds of booths, there is also a large number of participating companies unable to do so wish, can only be admitted as visitors. When they learned that the Guangzhou Fair appliances

Organization Of the forum, 30 participants from Europe, America and African countries to participate in the overseas buyers, even uninvited to find the door to take the initiative to contact with overseas buyers.

At the forum site, Guangdong With the interests of electrical Deputy General Manager of Huawei Ping with his own secretary and translator, constantly shuttling between the colored foreigners looking for a partner. He told this reporter that the company although they have made great efforts, still can not get this Canton Fair booth, so he was very anxious, forced to have to take the initiative, where there are foreign investors started for where to drill.

According to Huawei Ping introduction, the company’s most popular for overseas buyers is able to

Air conditioning Transformed into heat at the same time

Water heater Environmentally friendly energy-saving air conditioners, currently in South Korea, the United States and other overseas markets popular. His products are also two local Zhongshan OEM manufacturers, these two companies he is quite satisfied with the products, but also that may be due to two reasons for the production scale of enterprises, product quality and stability of the system to further improved.

Translation by Huawei Ping introduction, the reporter interviewed said to have been well attended sessions of the Canton Fair, buyers from the Netherlands Bajieluofu (sound), when he heard news from Zhongshan, immediately by translation, told reporters: “Zhongshan electrical products are good, I used long ago produced Zhongshan

Juice Pressing machine. ” Twists and turns to an interview with China in Africa and the Middle East

Trading Association of the Prime Minister Mr. Shen Baizhao things. When he speaks of himself on the Zhongshan-known producer of various products that are not familiar with, the flew out a long list of more famous Zhongshan industries and brands. He said, Zhongshan, small household electrical appliances cheap, especially in fashionable, versatile, and some African countries in the Middle East market is still relatively teas sell well, and now he has company in Zhongshan, including from Turkey, introduced more than 80 countries a related foreign. He organized the Canton Fair to the only appliance buyers, nearly 500, of which


Small appliances mainly related orders affirm. Therefore, he would particularly like to Zhongshan enterprises, especially small home appliances business, to grasp the opportunity, first of all to ensure the stability of product quality, so as to have repeat customers to his business for the long haul.

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