Marathon Appliance Chain In China Best Buy Type Overtly

Marathon Appliance Chain In China Best Buy Type Overtly


Best Buy wholly owned five-star news, PR China from Best Buy sent the media an e-mail: “Best Buy Five Star Group has received the remaining shares, wholly owned Five Star.”

Sources at that time, the two sides had agreed to the pricing scheme is: Best Buy in February 21, 2009 to pay about 185 million U.S. dollars in cash.

With the initial acquisition three years ago, compared to the low profile seems a lot of Best Buy. That year, for the completion of this acquisition, Best Buy has frequently visited the world’s top central and local governments of Jiangsu, finally in June 2006 to 184 million U.S. dollars acquisition of 75% stake in Five Star. Sources said that as early as the original signed agreement, both sides have talked about the issue will release the remaining shares, that Best Buy will be the sole control of the final Five Star.

This with Best Buy to enter Canada through a similar. In 2001, it acquired Canada

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Retailer FutureShop, have already been questioned, but four years later it reached 30% market share.

“Does not scale, only a single store selling efforts to increase profit. Therefore, whether to go high-end promoting or pushing its own brand Ye Hao, Best Buy are trying to break through under the current size disadvantage. But the overall performance far from the competition, open more Best Buy stores are not always recognize the ultimate dream. “

This is only many domestic media and industry experts to challenge the move in China, Best Buy, the tip of the iceberg.

Best Buy Five Star

acquisition, a time of many by the Chinese media and many experts questioned the reasons behind what is it? But no matter how high voices of doubt, we have to believe that Best Buy could not make a trading loss, and this sale is at Best Buy after the first five-star investment, re-produced under a wholly-owned acquisitions. So, the industry attracted many voices of doubt it is because it? Perhaps people on Best Buy’s “Chinese overtly” do not agree, perhaps the development of our Best Buy misread the path.

Rational thinking on the no rational competition

Has been developing in China, Best Buy, the slow and weak forces, not only repeatedly mentioned by the media, have become dismissive of the reasons for its competitors.


Electric Sun Weimin, president, once said that they have not time to consider Best Buy, because the other stores in China, too few, only “cat.”

States United States

Sun, vice president of a small group also believes that Best Buy only from the formal transplant operations in North America model, but limited the number and regional distribution of stores, they simply can not compete GOME.

Proved that this view is not raved. Best Buy into China from the first day until today, Best Buy stores in China to reach the number seven. While on six months ago, Best Buy’s China, “the second store” also has been in a difficult labor conditions. These figures and the Best Buy story twists and turns of China is to let the industry in general question the behavior of the reason Best Buy, and even Best Buy to become the industry’s assertions miss the rapid development in China’s prime-time direct incentive.

However, there is the internal Who better than the Best Buy own solution in which the shamisen it deep?

First of all, since Best Buy had 75% controlling stake in Five Star, after, although in name became as family members, but in fact is not how Best Buy Five Star is regrettable. On the one hand, Best Buy consumer electronics chain in China, the market still remains a new army, on a lot of things to read, not to feel; other hand, the Five Star business also continues to be dominated by veteran Wang Jianguo and the core management of the hands of indeed affect the whole body, therefore, can only be patient with Best Buy. So we see that in the Five Star, Best Buy in addition to import the Management Information System, to do some research and training in addition to, and not as much as the two Chinese companies do not sing a song with the centripetal force.

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Haier million refrigerators worldwide availability by the Canton Fair (Mainland) – Haier, refrigerator, white – HC Network Appliance Industry

Haier million refrigerators worldwide availability by the Canton Fair (Mainland) – Haier, refrigerator, white – HC Network Appliance Industry

4 15, 97 th


Grand opening. In this year’s Fair is the biggest news on the burst


Introduced a price of nearly 6 million conversion of the door large fridge space, equivalent to a car’s price, It is understood that this is the world’s most expensive refrigerator. This can best embody the future of the international competitiveness of the new refrigerator first product is the first time in the world market at the same Haier appearance. Participants experts, customers give high appreciation of the products that the launch of space Haier frequency of the open refrigerator in the high tech, health and practical, personalized design and fashion aesthetic and other aspects of new breakthroughs, the leading level in the world all-round display of the Haier refrigerator in the frequency of the latest achievements in the field, but also reflects the Haier refrigerator strong technical innovation, which led to the development trend of high-end refrigerators.

97th Canton Fair

With the international Fair


Trading platform, Haier refrigerator space conversion on the door with a strong technological advantage and leading fashion design to conquer the States


. China’s first batch of orders were the three famous

Home appliance chain


States United States



Paradise share, from high-end appliance store A French group has become the first overseas distributor of the product.

Live in Canton, Haier refrigerator features staff to do a lively presentation: unique network of functional integration of the advanced intelligent network interface and management technology, and remote control; users can also use the refrigerator on


Computer surfing the Internet, entertainment, and directly download the latest recipes, to food management, so that consumers feel the network ahead of the convenience brought life and charm; innovative design of mineral water, ice-making technology is designed specifically for Chinese water quality in particular: At present the domestic market with features refrigerator ice water quality in accordance with foreign designs, the direct installation of the water


On. But China’s water not drinkable because health problems, many Chinese families are used to drinking mineral water. Haier combination of this situation, the development of this mineral water ice feature directly from the mineral springs of mineral water pot leads to automatic ice, clean, rest assured … …

Introduced called the “best embodies the global competitiveness of the refrigerator” refrigerator also inherited Haier refrigerator space on the frequency of advanced technology, features: insulation materials, such as aerospace, DC all frequency technology, -7 preservation function, so that the refrigerator in the energy-saving, environment protection, preservation, quiet and so are the breakthrough, in particular, the highest energy consumption in China reached a level similar product in Europe’s A-class energy efficiency standards. According to company staff briefing, this high price will make consumers feel that the refrigerator is absolutely excellent value for money, addition to these advantages, the three-dimensional air curtain technology

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Storage room, keeping alive his technical dimension, mirror the appearance of dozens of ultra-thin design, personalized design, which fully demonstrates the technical innovation of Haier in a major breakthrough.

Industry expert analysis, large side by side refrigerator will become a hot global market, is very promising. At present, the luxury side by side refrigerator has been sweeping the U.S. and European markets, in China, as the economy was significantly increased, and the villa houses a large area that match the increasingly large volume of luxury refrigerators so popular, annual growth rate of more than 50% development. Haier space with insulation material in the frequency and strong technical strength, first introduced in the global quality, technology, function and appearance are at the leading level of space frequency of the open refrigerator, the refrigerator market in the world’s high-end benchmark, will be more to more consumers and industry focus and attention.

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