The Fourth China? Lake Aquatic China Trade Fair Opened In Shanghai

The Fourth China? Lake Aquatic China Trade Fair Opened In Shanghai

Poly Yangtze River, lake, river fish fine, exhibition features, size, green fisheries Style. November 1, China? Chaohu fourth Seafood China Trade Fair held in Shanghai. City leaders hope Ping Xia, Chang Chuan-only, Su Yuguang, Peng Peng, Pan Yingjie Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai Qingpu District, Political and Law Committee secretary Dibi Huai, Zhang Qiu-hua, deputy director of the East China Sea Fisheries, Fisheries Fisheries Secretary Wang Jun repair, Division President of Shanghai Association of Chaohu Lake Association home and attended the opening ceremony.

 10:00, Party secretary Xia Wang Ping said, “China? Chaohu fourth Aquatic China Trade Fair” opened.

 Municipal Political Consultative Conference Chairman, Municipal Committee Zhang said in his speech before transmission, Chaohu Lake in Anhui Province as well as the national China important production base of aquatic products, “Cheung Sam Sun” and “a show of Chaohu 3 Jane,” sold at home and abroad, is the East China famous “fish pond Children. ” Over the years, the fishery to maximize our comparative advantages, to develop fishery characteristics, product excellent, varietal characteristics, mode of new and national reputation. Continuous aquatic lake in Shanghai China Trade Fair, the purpose is to demonstrate success on the fishery, the fishery characteristics of show to promote the brand in Chaohu, Chaohu Lake and the international metropolis Shanghai to promote the butt.

 10:30, the city has held in Jiangsu hotels “Fourth China? Lake aquatic Promotion,” party secretary Wang Ping Xia speech.

 Xia Wang Ping, said in his speech, over the years, we proceed from reality, their own advantages to develop characteristics of fisheries, the formation of the “tons of tons of shrimp, crab, tons of Montrose tons of excellent” pattern, and in breeding mode and scale of development of new varieties and aquatic products, brand quality, economic efficiency and so on, made in Anhui Province Fisheries “10 First” good results. Aquaculture has become a lake features, columns, income and efficient industry. Especially in recent years, with the vigorous implementation of the city, “fishing wealth” project, the growing popularity of Chaohu aquatic products, market share increases, a large number of pollution-free green aquatic products and aquatic products with high quality, best-selling “long Triangle “,” Beijing and Tianjin Tang “and other cities.

 Xia Wang Ping said that the city and the “Yangtze River Delta” border adjacent to the Anhui provincial government to implement the “East to the development strategy of” the frontier cities. Shanghai as the “Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle” of leading the core city, with huge financial, technical, personnel and market advantages. Our continuous development of Fair held in Shanghai, its purpose is to further demonstrate achievement on the fishery, showing the new features on the fishery, the fishery introduce new brands to seek cooperation with new partners. I believe that the China Trade Fair’s success, more people will know Chaohu, Chaohu understanding, but also will have more insight into the Lake, Investment lake.

 Promote the meeting, the city eight aquatic enterprises with Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, signed a total of 1.5 million co-development projects.

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