Insufficient procurement system to restrict the development of automotive electronics

Insufficient procurement system to restrict the development of automotive electronics

More different from the foreign operating performance based parts procurement system position, domestic own-brand models due to the low price, own brands is the cost of system control in parts procurement principles-based. A certain level allows Chinese companies to focus on parts procurement, product cost, and less emphasis on the quality of the product, makes the quality of own brand products it is difficult and joint ventures or China imported models are comparable, and has been to give people low-quality low-cost image.

In fact, a complete parts procurement system is not only on vehicle production play a specific role in more effective optimal control of the vehicle product quality. As we all know  Smoked Toyota Motor Corporation is about 70% of the parts of the implementation of external procurement. It is understood that the Toyota automobile manufacturing from development to production at all stages are completed jointly with the Association of enterprises. Therefore  Smoked today with superior international competitiveness of Toyota and its high-quality automotive products, is also largely benefited from it a strict, scientific and continuous improvement of parts procurement system.

It is worth noting that the complete parts procurement system can play a positive role in R & D and innovation of its own brand vehicles and components enterprises. For example, in the platform of the vehicle development, parts procurement system can promote its own brand a comprehensive positive development system. For some components, OEMs can introduce some parts enterprises to develop. The one hand, and parts enterprises to work together to resolve the relevant parts design issues, on the other hand can also contribute to the development of parts enterprises. In addition, the auto parts enterprises to smoothly enter the procurement system of the whole plant, to achieve the basic requirements of the OEMs in terms of quality, service, technology and price.

Although China has become the world’s largest auto market, but the auto industry’s point of view, the development of China’s automobile is still quite weak, while the automobile industry to establish a complete parts and auto e-procurement system will also become an inevitable trend.Main products: car dvd player  with good quality.  But the key question we must have in-depth understanding, learn to use and innovation. Thus, by this kind of advanced study and research ways of supporting the production, China’s automobile industry competitiveness and face the challenges in the WTO has an China important significance.

 The amount of output unmanned car, Google must convince the automobile manufacturers, insurance industry and the public, their car is safe. Levandowski with the media that Google will be tested before in the automotive mass production of millions of miles, he once again stressed that they have safe driving 200,000 miles, better software and sensors will ensure the safety of insurance Chinese companies and consumers.

Google also said that they also try more possibilities, including the sale and installation services, in cooperation with car manufacturers, even it is possible to give up this technology to promote the practice of other Google services.

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