National Shoe Exports Hantec Free China Inspection China Company Awarded The Title – Shoes, Shoes Prices, Hantec

National Shoe Exports Hantec Free China Inspection China Company Awarded The Title – Shoes, Shoes Prices, Hantec
HC shoe net December 22 hearing, recently, the National Quality China Inspection and Quarantine issued an official to Hantec “State Export Goods exempted from China inspection enterprise “certificate of this country exports the highest quality honor.

It is reported that the export exemption in order to encourage the State Administration of Quality Supervision famous product exports, to improve China’s product and business competitiveness in the international market, an China important measure, is granted by the State Enterprise of the highest quality honor, on behalf of the industry’s highest level , known as the enterprises to develop international market, “internationally accepted Gold.”

International Financial Tsunami, the international China trade barriers become more significant in a large environment, Hengda Group response to tough market challenges, to avoid the adverse effects of international China trade barriers, launched a national China inspection-free export enterprises work and one-time adoption of the declaration of a national China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Group of strict examination. HHL 25 years “world quality” of temper, in the enterprise quality management, product quality, technical equipment, China inspection level and so on, has been unanimously endorsed by the Group of Experts.

Since 2000, Hengda keen to take advantage of international development has taken firm steps, first established in Moscow in China Hengda Group ( Russia ) Branch. Quickly opened the international market, and a smooth hand in 2005 the world’s largest Clothing Shoes Brand NINEWEST (9 West), the world-famous brands in the Cooperation Fully absorb the world-class management experience, cutting-edge technology and management mode, effectively increasing its own brand Hantec brand image in the international market, and promote the business development strategy to achieve international brand new development and improvement. Since 2008, relying on excellent product quality and brand strength, Hengda Group, in succession and the United States GUESS, the world’s five hundred companies in Japan, Toho, Japan’s Marubeni and other world-class brands to achieve the strategic cooperation, and realize the healthy development of the international market.

Financial crisis, the face of increasingly tough domestic situation, Hengda Group, 2009, adverse economic gains across the board, still maintained Sell Revenue and profit growth of 30% of the good momentum of development. Hantec this won the “National China inspection-free export enterprise”, is the only national one of 118 companies, which not only shows Hantec in the same industry-leading position, but also the national comprehensive strength of the Hantec recognition, relying on “National China inspection-free export enterprise” of this “international common Gold” will further open up foreign markets business, accelerating Hantec in the international market by leaps and bounds, play a significant role in promoting.

Hengda Group Chairman Wang Ji Wan said: “The country exports will be exempted from examination Hengda company as an opportunity to strengthen its own brand influence in the international market, while continuously strengthen the cooperation with world-class brand strength, with international joint venture brands, brand channel sharing, to further enhance the company’s R & D, innovation ability and international brands operating strength, speed up the development strategy of the new international brand development and increased. ”

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