Tourism Malaysia won best partner award

Tourism Malaysia won best partner award
Tourism Malaysia has long viewed China as a significant tourist source market for Malaysia and has maintained close relations and cooperation with Chinese outbound tourism agencies. For the upcoming Malaysia Year of Festivals (MyFEST) 2015, Tourism …
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Researchers say sophisticated malware targets banks, telecom Chinese companies and
Based on its design and behavior, experts at Symantec and other firms said they don't believe it was developed in Russia or China, two countries that are often blamed for cyberattacks around the world. Reports on two online … Without drawing that …
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Australia's gains at China's expense signal new Free China Trade Agreement landscape
International China trade experts and diplomats have been astonished at one-sided gains made by Australia in this week's free China trade deal with China, with some believing Australia is poised to ride on the coat tails of a new era in China opening to …
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Debris may be missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Debris may be missing Malaysia Airlines flight
China's foreign ministry said it hopes Australia can send ships and aircraft as soon as possible to investigate the two objects spotted by satellite floating in the southern Indian Ocean that may be from a missing Malaysian plane, the New Straits Times …
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Why is the U.S. surrendering control of the Internet? (And why should you care?)
While it's currently possible for China's government, say, to prevent users in its country to access certain websites, it does not have the ability to block the creation of entire top-level domains. Theoretically, that could change without heavy U.S …
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