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Oriflame See From The Form Of European Direct Marketing – Direct Marketing, Oriflame, Cosmetics –

Oriflame See From The Form Of European Direct Marketing – Direct Marketing, Oriflame, Cosmetics –
Present, the direct selling industry in China can be a smooth transition into the stage. Second license has already been finalized, but this time, how is some scene abroad awaits them? Oriflame as China’s first European Chinese companies to take a license, gives us an “European direct the wind,” also gives us to understand the situation of Europe’s direct marketing, direct marketing philosophy provides a good starting point. Made a special trip for this reporter interviewed Oriflame director of external things, Mr. Southern Oscillation on the development of the European market, as well as Oriflame represented by direct sales forces in Europe to explore the roles played by China.

Reporter: Oriflame to take a license, the Internet has a very popular article, “Selection of direct selling Chinese companies with the Art of War,” the article, that is fully integrated with China’s direct arrival times, the Chinese direct selling “Three Kingdoms” and Time will come, the Chinese direct sales market will be the United States, China and Europe, third world, the United States will be represented by the China company Amway, Avon, such as new; to Chinese Chinese companies will be represented by the South Lee Kum Kee, Tiens, new age; to Europe is represented by Oriflame. As Europe’s number one direct selling China company, South dealer to test filters that the question?

Southern Oscillation: Oriflame direct sales in China to license, we received a number of media and public attention. Many people gave us high marks, which we deeply honor and strengthen the sustainable management in the determination of the Chinese market. Prior to this, many people with “dark horse” image evaluation of Oriflame, we can understand, after all the propaganda we are very limited in China, the China company started business in China is relatively late. However, the international direct selling market, it can be said Oriflame is one of the few Chinese companies can match the power of the United States direct one. In 2005 the China company‘s performance in the world increased by 14%, sales consultant team to reach the 160 million people. Especially in the cosmetics direct selling industry, Oriflame play an increasingly important role. Speaking of direct selling Chinese companies

choice, I think the Chinese people’s risk awareness in mature, diverse selection of scope, this is a sign of market maturity. China’s direct selling after 10 years of “baptism”, now be said that a “gradual improvement of laws and regulations, tend to fair competition, development towards rational” stage. Select an international big corporations, or choose, either enterprises or local growing, there are several factors we must consider: first, the legitimacy of the China company, was recognized by the government or being hit by the government, the second the China company‘s culture, so much You joined a China company that you recognize as a culture, if the cultural conflict of the time then you will not stay too long; Third, the technical level factors such as product training bonus system. I think that the first two factors essential to join the direct selling China company can solve your fundamental problem. The final factor is the most technical level of comparison, one is better to be relative.

, Of course, to join the direct selling business, if successful, but also more dependent on individual efforts, choose a good direct marketing Chinese companies like select a reliable partner. How to play to their strengths, how the China company built a platform, how to value their own career opportunities with the China company combined the best of these is the entrepreneur will then have to consider.

Reporter: How the development of the European direct selling industry in recent years? Compared to other regions, what are similarities and differences?

Southern Oscillation: direct selling industry in Europe has been steady in recent years, the development of basically every year since 2002 have been about 11% growth. Direct Selling Association of the European Union (FEDSA) statistics, the total direct selling industry in Europe in 2005 (Direct Marketing Association member Chinese companies) has reached 10.6 billion euros (excluding VAT). Some of the largest direct selling market in Europe, including Germany (20 million euros), the United Kingdom (15.6 million euros), Russia (1.4 billion euros) and France (1.3 million euros) and so on, basically, and the overall economy of these countries the status of considerable. Of course, the total amount of the direct selling industry in Europe is less than the United States. Practitioners regard, FEDSA the data displayed in the European Direct Marketing Association member Chinese companies employed approximately 640 million direct sellers, a larger increase in 2004 based on the rise again. Among them, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey, the number of markets than other markets. As a relatively mature market, direct selling and retail the same way as other business state in Europe by the overall economic climate, the relative performance of emerging markets must be more stable.

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