The Rapid Development Of China’s Heating Market, A Beachhead For Export Giant China – Hvac,

The Rapid Development Of China’s Heating Market, A Beachhead For Export Giant China – Hvac,
With the rapid development of China’s construction industry, domestic HVAC Market, the growing China importance of international prominence. States on the construction industry’s ” Building energy efficiency “Requirements and the Chinese government policy of expanding domestic demand 4 trillion in the introduction, both for China Heating Air-conditioning market to bring more opportunities. In addition, Financial Crisis, a sudden storm hit, which is in many export-oriented enterprises to look beyond the domestic market and abroad Touhui many enterprises generally optimistic about China.

Highlights HVAC Establish the HVAC industry benchmark development

Famous at home and abroad are choosing CIHE & HVAC manufacturers as they showcase the latest products and the most advanced technology platform. To this end, CIHE & HVAC HVAC industry as the international development trend of the benchmark.

Giant gathered Zhongxingpengyue

CIHE & HVAC2009 will take up the China International Exhibition Centre, 1A, 1B, 2? 5 Hall 6 Hall, an exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, is the greatest in the history. From around the world (including China) more than 500 well-known exhibitors, 40,000 trade visitors, will be in 2009 one of the world’s largest HVAC event.

Brilliant synthesis stage

CIHE & HVAC2009 exhibits a wide range of products are complete, will cover the most complete HVAC field, the latest HVAC products, bringing the latest products and enterprises industry’s most cutting-edge trends. Colorful activities, will host the first “Chinese Heating Assembly”, “2009 Chinese Architecture Energy HVAC system selection and application development forum “and a variety of seminars, forums, annual meetings, conferences and related activities.

Buyers trading platform

CIHE & HVAC2009 has become a supplier of heating and air conditioning industry and its customers, distributors and buyers great trading platform, attracting buyers from around the world. CIHE & HVAC2008 turnover reached 3.2 billion yuan, is expected to CIHE & HVAC2009 intact.

Strong large-scale international

35000 square meters of exhibition space, hundreds of exhibitors, 40,000 visitors come to visit. As one of three global specialized HVAC exhibition, CIHE & HVAC air conditioning at home and abroad has become the industry must participate in an China important exhibition.

Known media focus

Exhibition is organized at home and abroad with Bai Yujia media industry to work together well-known, large-scale, comprehensive, high-frequency, focused and effective manner to build the brand of the international HVAC exhibition. CIHE & HVAC2009 HVAC industry will be well-known event.

Top venues services

China International Exhibition Center (Old Library) is Beijing’s largest and most modern exhibition venues of quality. The professional management model, perfect setting and convenient transportation Environment , The exhibition industry at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

During the exhibition organizers will visit before the full development of enterprises and the audience, to provide the most personalized and attentive service will be professional, enthusiastic, sincere attitude to serve you!

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